Imagine Harry Styles
Like all the other Imagine blogs, I write little and sometimes longer stories, with or without visual help, about YOU, yes you, and Harry Styles. You know, he's that dude from One Direction, that British boyband, you might have heard of them ; )
Anyways, I'm a writer and I love to make people happy and I hope this will make some of you happy : )

Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of the Gifs used!!

For my anon!

It’s the week before Christmas, but you’re not feeling very Christmas-y, because your five best friends won’t be home for the holidays. You’re on your way home from buying presents, when you get a text from Louis: ‘Hey love, sorry we can’t be back in time to spend Christmas with you, but we send you a surprise. It should be waiting for you at home.’

Excited you hurry up. There’s no package at your front door. Frowning you open your door. You hear shuffling coming from you living room. Weaponing yourself with an umbrella, you step around the corner and…find five dorks in the corner of the room, grinning at you. Louis is standing in the middle, wrapped in christmas lights and a few christmas balls hung on his jumper, the others are standing around him, two on each side, presenting this extraordinary christmas tree. You start laughing and put your hand over your mouth.

Oh my gosh!! You’re here!!”, you exclaim.

SURPRISE!!”, the boys yell. Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry come forward and give you a group hug.

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Hello love☺️💖I've been reading your imagines for and ever and I love them all😻and you💘. I had a question. Can you make a long imagine (love your writing) where the boys all have a little crush on you but your Harry's and he does the smallest things to make you want him the most. If that makes sense😂. Sorry I just love you💞thanks!

Sorry it took so long for me to get to this.

Your message really made me smile and made my day when I got it.

Now, I hope I could realise your wish the way you wanted it. This is kind of a topic I don’t necessarily like writing about, so I apologise if it’s not what you were expecting. I did my best : )

Love you :-*

do you know Bryan Adams's song "Everything i do, i do for you"? Part 5 make me sing along this song.

Had to look it up first before I remembered it : ) But wow, thank you!
For anyone who doesn’t know it or just wants to listen, here’s the music video:

Do you have a master list of all your imagines/one shots?

Not yet, sadly, but I’ll make one soon, promise : ) x

Oh and I have a question. That gif from part 5 of the wedding waitress, do you know where I can find a video to that? I can only find pictures to it, but do not know if there is also a video, or where. :)

There are. These are the two vids, they’re pretty much the same except for a few parts, just let me warn you, I cry everytime I watch these vids, it’s heartbreaking:

Video 1

Video 2

Also thank you for your lovely message, it means a lot to me and made me cry a few happy tears : )

Have a good day and weekend as well, sweetheart and thanks a lot for messaging me and for reading : )

Please please please post part 6 of the waitress one soon!! I need to know what happens..! hahah Have an amazing day lovely xx

Hahaha thank you, sadly I don’t have that much time due to work, so you’re gonna have to wait till next week…maaaaybe I’ll get it done on Sunday, but no promises : )

hi! I really love your imagines, you’re a great writer! don’t want to sound rude but do you think there’s gonna be a part 6 for the 'Wedding Waitress’? :)

First of all thanks : )
Second of all, what kind of monster do you guys think I am^^ Like I would end the story like that! There’ll be a few more parts since it’s kinda my fanfic and that’s also why I only post once a week.
So don’t you worry there’ll definitely be a Part 6 and probably 7, maybe 8 etc. We’ll see how things play out : )


Aaaaw thanks! And hello fellow German : )

Holy crap. Oh my god. I'm so close to tears, that hurt my heart man. Well done and thankyou x

Well, just remember I warned you ; )
And you’re welcome, I think^^
Also thank you :-*

Part 5 of the Wedding Waitress

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

For a moment you could just stare at your phone, stunned. Then the car door opened and Harry’s smiling face appeared.

C’mon, babe, what you waiting for?” He looked at you, a small frown on his forehead. “Are you okay?”

You decided not to tell him anything, you didn’t want to ruin all the work he put into tonight. So you forced a smile onto your face and got out of the car.

Yeah, everything’s great. So where the heck are we?”

You looked around and gasped. The car stood in a small parking lot on top of a cliff. To the left was only ocean and on the right was a tiny secluded beach, sitting between two cliffs. You saw a table and two chairs down there. But the thing that scared you about this whole situation was the guy, standing a few feet away from you, holding two climbing belts and a rope was already secured on his own belt and in the ground. So much for nice walk on the beach.

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