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Like all the other Imagine blogs, I write little and sometimes longer stories, with or without visual help, about YOU, yes you, and Harry Styles. You know, he's that dude from One Direction, that British boyband, you might have heard of them ; )
Anyways, I'm a writer and I love to make people happy and I hope this will make some of you happy : )

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Will you marry me bc your acc is perf af

AAAAAH OH MY GOSH!!! Yes, a million times yes ; )

Thank you so much! I totally just bragged to my mom and friends about this message xD

Love you :-*

You were walking up and down in front of the bed, trying to figure out what to say. When the door finally opened, you still had no idea, but this was the moment.

(Y/N)? What are you doing here?”, came Harry’s voice from the door frame.

You turned and put on your best fake smile. “Hey babe, I wanted to surprise you.”

Harry came over, took you in his arm and grinned. “Well, consider me surprised.”

He kissed you gently, then frowned. “What’s wrong?”

I have to tell you something and I’m not quite sure how you’ll react.”

Harry took a step back. “Oookay.”

Maybe you should sit down.”

He did as he was told. Again you started walking up and down, your hands sweating and your heart pounding.

Well, I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you this, but I didn’t come up with anything other than just telling you straight up. So here I go: Harry, I’m pregnant.”

You stopped and looked at him. He frowned, then looked down at the carpet. His hands were on his hips, his thumbs pressing into the soft skin of his lower stomach. He scratched his left side with his thumb, before pulling his shirt away from his jeans a bit. He looked very calm and at the same time completely disappointed.

Could you please say something?”, you begged.

Finally he looked up, that frown still between his eyebrows, lips in a tight line and eyes glistening.

So is this your way of telling me that you slept with some other guy?”

Boom! Just like that your whole body went numb, before exploding, seconds later, with anger. “WHAT? Why would you think that?”

Because we haven’t seen each other in months and since you’re not showing yet, I’m assuming this thing must have happened AFTER I left.”

OH MY GOD! I can’t believe you! Of course, I didn’t cheat on you! I would never! This is YOUR baby! It’s only been a month and a half, you idiot!”

Harry’s eyes widened. He looked at his fingers and started counting. Then he looked back up, a stunned expression on his face. His hand flew to his mouth.

Oh gosh, honey, I’m so sorry. I just, you know how it is on tour. You loose track of time. I could have sworn it had been longer, since we last saw each other. I’m really sorry, love.”

He got up and took a step towards you, but you backed up and shook your head.

No, Harry, don’t even. I can’t believe you would even think something like that. Who do you think I am? Better not answer that. Gosh, I can’t believe you!”

And with that you stormed out of his hotel room, leaving Harry to punch the mirror next to the door… and bust his hand open.


Can you do one where your prego with Harry child and when you tell him,he asks of u cheated on him?

So when I read this for the first time, I was like ‘Wait, what?’, but then I started writing it and it just flew from my mind.

Long story short, this has turned into somewhat of a series, of which I will post the first part in a few minutes.

Thank you so much for this idea : )

U r totally my fav acc

Ok, I see how it is, you guys are trying to make me cry. Well, you did it. Ugh, love you! Thaaaaank you :’)

You're stories are so refreshing! Nothing too similar to the fanfic's out right now. Thanks for sharing your gift!!

Oh my Gosh! Thank you so much! It means the world to me, knowing that you enjoy my writing. Aaaah :-*

hey ! are kidding ?! the part 8 of ‘Wedding Waitress’ is just perfect !!!!

Aaaaah thank you so much!!!! I’m glad you like it : )

Finally! Part 8 of the ‘Wedding Waitress’

It’s definitely not my best one, but I had to write it, so I could write the next parts ; )

All other parts, as usual, can be found in my Masterpost : )

Coming up: Meeting the other boys! :D

Somehow, miraculously, you got rid of Nick, by promising him to catch up some other time and him giving you his number. After that you and Harry walked in silence for a long time, over Blackfriars Bridge to the Inner Temple Gardens. You nervously chewed your lip as he sat on a bench by a small fountain and looked at you with big eyes.

Well, care to explain?”, he asked, as you continued to be silent.

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes for a second and nodded.

Ok, so remember how, when we met at the wedding, you asked me if we had met before and I denied that?”, you started, while walking back and forth in front of the bench. Harry nodded. “Well, that wasn’t true, as you’d already guessed. We kinda have met before…on the XFactor.”

Harry’s eyes almost popped out of his head, his jaw dropping. “Wait, what?”

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