Imagine Harry Styles
Like all the other Imagine blogs, I write little and sometimes longer stories, with or without visual help, about YOU, yes you, and Harry Styles. You know, he's that dude from One Direction, that British boyband, you might have heard of them ; )
Anyways, I'm a writer and I love to make people happy and I hope this will make some of you happy : )

Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of the Gifs used!!

Photoshoot boredom!

"I’m bored!", Harry wrote you one afternoon.

"Then go do something!", you replied and went back to reading.

"I AM doing something. I’m at a photoshoot, but they’re doing single portraits right now. Liam’s trying to be a hipster : )

Harry sent you an image:

"Oh dear, he’s really good with the smolder though^^"

"He’s NOTHING compared to ME!

Harry sent you an image:

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Heeeelloooo :D

In honor of me reaching 2000 followers (that’s crazy btw! It blows my mind to think that so many of you find what I’m writing good/interesting enough to follow me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. You guys have done things for me that you can probably never understand : ) I’m so grateful!) I will be doing a little imagines spam today.

Prepare for another texting convo, a new imagine, possibly a song fic AAAAND the next part of the Wedding Waitress, early, just for this occasion :D

Thank you again for reading, liking, reblogging, following and interacting. I’m so happy about every single one of you :-*


i just want to put this out there - if any of you guys ever need someone to talk to about anything i’m here because i know what it’s like to feel like you have no one and no one should ever feel that way so i’m here always 

For my Anon!

hello, can you do an imagine please, as if your in beyonces postion getting award from your family, and harry and you once dated but he ruined it and is watching from audiences looking at what he could of had. please love your blogxxxx p.s the gif of harry at tca where hes crying could be good xxx

Hey sweetheart, about to upload this.

Just feel like I should explain to you, why I didn’t choose the suggested gif, though you might not care ; )

The reason Harry had tears in his eyes at the TCAs, was because of Lea Michele’s speech about Cory Monteith, as you all probably know. As a gleek myself, Cory’s death was horrible for me, so I don’t feel comfortable using that gif, at all, for my imagines. I hope you understand and will still like what I made of your request : )

Thank you :-*

Loved part 6!! Is there going to be a next one? Also, didn't you write that she knew Harry from before, are we going to know how? :D Have a nice day x

Aaah, you’re very observant ; ) Yes, you will find out where they ‘know’ each other from and it’ll shake things up again a bit :D

Now, bc I get this question more often, just wanna clarify this: I will write in the description and the tags if it’s the last part. So if I’m not writing it there you can always assume there’s gonna be a next part, especially when it comes to the Wedding Waitress : )

Thank you for the love :-*

Part 6 of the Wedding Waitress

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Harry’s POV

I heard the door close. I listened to the taxi drive away. Then there was just silence. Unbearable, painful silence. And I was alone. Again.

2 months later

And you haven’t heard from him AT ALL?”, your friend, and colleague, asked you.

Nope. I talked to his mum a week after. She asked what happened, because he wouldn’t talk to her about it and he wasn’t the same. I told her we broke up, because I couldn’t handle his life and she understood, but said she was sorry. And that’s the last I heard. Everything else I know from the media, which is not necessarily the truth.”



Nothing. I just can’t believe he just went back to his job and everyday-life. I mean, your break-up was pretty messy, for both of you. I’d have thought he’d do more about it, that’s all.”

I think I was pretty clear there was no way back for us, and he probably just accepted that.”

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Making studying fun!

You had been holed up in your room for days now, cramming for your exams. You were tired, hungry and moody. And on top of everything you hadn’t talked to your best friend since you had started studying. Taking a well deserved break, you turned on your phone and texted him.

"Taking a break. Pretty sure my brain’s gonna explode otherwise."

"And imagine the mess that would make…not pretty to clean up ; )", Harry wrote back and you smiled. He had a talent for that. Making you smile in pretty much every situation.

"Right and that on top of the studying?…Nah, don’t have time for that."

"Hey, you want me to cheer you up?"

"Please do!"

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