Imagine Harry Styles
Like all the other Imagine blogs, I write little and sometimes longer stories, with or without visual help, about YOU, yes you, and Harry Styles. You know, he's that dude from One Direction, that British boyband, you might have heard of them ; )
Anyways, I'm a writer and I love to make people happy and I hope this will make some of you happy : )

Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of the Gifs used!!

This one got way longer than expected, so I have to put it up like this, hope that’s ok. I just didn’t have the heart to cut it down, ‘cause it was just too much fun to write it : ) This is also the last one for my anon. So if you have a request, idea or a gif, just send it in ; )

You’re sitting in Starbucks, earphones in, reading some stuff for College.

Suddenly you become aware to someone standing beside you. You look up to find a guy, with full, peach-colored lips, green sparkling eyes and a head full of brown curls, which are held back by a bandana, next to you. It’s Harry Styles.

For a moment all you can do is stare, until you realize that his mouth is moving. You pull your earphones out, saying: “Pardon?” He smiles. Oh dear.

“I was just wondering if the seat across from you is already taken, everything else is full.”

“Oh, yes, of course, I mean, no, it isn’t taken.”

You blush furiously.

“So you’re not waiting for somebody? A friend or a boyfriend… or girlfriend?”, he asks cheekily.

You smile. “Nope, not waiting.”

He sits down and you try to focus back on your reading.

“Soooo…”, his voice interrupts your, already incoherent, thoughts, “Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?”

You look at him, trying very hard not to laugh. “I don’t have either, not that I should tell a total stranger that.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, were are my manners? I’m Harry!”

He extends a hand, which you take and shake, answering: “(Y/N.) Nice to meet you, Harry.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

And just like that you start talking and can’t stop. Never once does either of you mention who Harry actually is. Two hours later your phone buzzes. You look at it and quietly exclaim: “Oh shit.”

Immediately you start packing your stuff. Harry looks at you like a deer in headlights.

“Are you leaving?”

“Have to. Forgot about my study group. My friend is gonna kill me.”

“Can I at least get your number?”, he asks desperately. You hesitate.

“How about we just meet here again tomorrow, same time? The we’ll see.”

“Alright, but why won’t you give me your number now. Don’t I look trustworthy?” He bats his lashes at you. You smile, already turning to go. Then you turn back around one last time.

“I don’t give my number to Rockstars!”, you explain with a wink and leave.

“I KNEW YOU KNEW!!”, he shouts after you, making every head in the Coffee shop turn. At the door you turn back one more time to find him sitting in his chair, smiling like an idiot, showing teeth and dimples and his eyes are actually squinting. You grin, opening the door and leaving.

“See you tomorrow.”, is the last thing you hear.

On your way to your study group you mentally slap yourself a few times. Did you really just play ‘hard-to-get’ with HARRY STYLES? STUPID!!

Well, there’s always tomorrow, you think, making yourself feel a little better.

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